Reputable Commercial Kitchen Equipment Fryer in Indonesia

Starting a new business in any type of field can be very challenging therefore some of companies must have good preparations in order to achieve targets in their sales. We probably see a lot of companies which sell commercial kitchen equipment but not all of them have good reputation in this business. The Rotaryana has been giving its best service as a modern commercial kitchen supplier in Indonesia to all its beloved clients. We have been creating a lot of partnerships with our clients for years and we always have best reviews from all of them. Our company has a strong mission that is to provide good quality commercial kitchen appliances such as Fryer and Combi Oven and many other different commercial kitchen equipment’s.

Our company has already been producing our best commercial kitchen equipment’s for more than three decades and we still have a lot of loyal clients and they still use more than one of our commercial kitchen products until now. We also produce some of best laundry equipment’s for our clients so they can use our products for their laundry businesses. Some of our products have high standard quality control so everyone can use them for a long time. We also use a lot of best materials so everyone can use our products without having any kind of doubt about their qualities.

What We Sell to Our Clients

Over three decades our company has been selling commercial kitchen and laundry products to our beloved clients such as:

  • Business and Industry
  • Café and Bars
  • Quick Service Restaurant
  • Hotels and Recreational Spots
  • Bakery Factories
  • Casual Dining
  • Fine Dining

Some of our beloved clients already share their positive testimonies about some of commercial kitchen equipment’s that they use in their businesses. It is so obvious that each of our Fryer or Combi Oven has good quality standard. Fortunately, none of our client has bad experience when they are using our commercial kitchen and laundry equipment’s. We also want to share information with all of the readers about the essential elements that we have in this business. This business is categorized as the hospitality production and services. We realize that our commercial kitchen and laundry equipment are very important for our client’s businesses. Therefore, we always put their priorities on the top of our business agenda.

Some of people may consider this typical of business as an easy opportunity for everybody. In fact, some of people must also know that this typical of business also has its own challenges. If we want to run a specific business then we have to prepare for all details that we need in our businesses. It is not as easy as we think when we have to manage a kitchen fit-out for our clients. We must prepare for their needs because every one of them has their own needs and we have to be able to present the best kitchen equipment for all of them.

Types of Commercial Kitchen Equipment’s for Our Client

Basically, all types of commercial kitchen equipment are made from best metal pieces because they must be able to perform their functions properly. There are common types of materials that we use for our commercial kitchen equipment’s such as stainless steel,aluminium andcast iron.One of the commercial kitchen equipment that is widely used in professional restaurant kitchens is a fryer. Fryer is kitchen equipment for cooking by deep frying method; A method of cooking by immersing food in hot oil at a high temperature. Fryer is specially designed using stainless steel which has good durability for long term use. This will make the deep fryer machine anti-rust but the body is easy to clean. It is different from the usual skillet where the materials are easy to rust and even difficult to clean. The box-shaped machine with a perforated frying tank on top makes the fried food cook evenly, this is because in the frying process the food will be soaked in hot oil and filtered by an iron basket called a basket.

This kitchen equipment is specially designed to save the use of oil to reduce high production costs. There are 2 deep fryer options based on the fuel; deep fryer and electric fryer.In the kitchen, electric fryers are popular because of their mobility and ease of installation, they lose less heat than gas fryers, because the heating elements are immersed in the oil and have faster recovery time between frying cycles.Gas fryers heat up more quickly and can reach higher cooking temperatures than electric fryers, however are generally more economical in terms of energy consumption.

Fryers are available in several frying capacities, ranging from 1.5 liters to 46 liters. You can adjust the tank capacity with the intensity and quantity according to your needs.

Our Best Fryer Equipment’s

We always want to make sure that our clients can use all of our products effectively. Thus, they can use one of these fryer equipment from our company. We have four different types of fryer equipment’s such:

  • Frymaster PF50R
  • Frymaster FPPH 255
  • Frymaster GF14
  • Frymaster Dean SR 42G

In addition, we would like to share our concerns about the quality control that we have for all our commercial kitchen and laundry equipment’s. We always have good reputation achievement from our clients because they all have been using our commercial kitchen and laundry equipment’s for more than three decades. Thus, it always becomes our big responsibilities to pursuit our goals in order to serve all of our clients in a decent way.