Overview for Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Laundry

In this modern era we can’t ignore that technology has already invade our lives thoroughly. In the growing commercial kitchen equipment and laundry equipment business we want to present our finest products thru the latest technology. Our company has been the leading supplier for commercial kitchen and laundry products. We have been running our businesses since 1974 and it is our motivation to be present in the market.

We expect all of the great opportunities for the commercial cooking and laundry equipment products. Our clients expect more than just a high standard quality kitchen equipment and laundry equipment  products but also the long service lifetime from our products. We provide educate our customers  in this business about the basic principle of commercial range of cooking and laundry equipment. There are different range of equipment such as gas, induction or electricity. At Rotaryana we want to provide the best equipment for your F&B business.

Facts about Kitchen Equipment

Basic definition of commercial range in our businesses consist of a rangetop amongst others. Here are a few of basic definitions about the rangetop:

  • Rangetop is not just a stove
  • Rangetop can also be recognized in different shapes or sizes
  • There are at least more than two types of rangetop such as the burner, hot tops, griddles and other associated accessories

Secondly, we also want to share a little bit of knowledge about the range base amongst others. They can be recognized as the oven or other types of grill and barbecue equipment. Indeed, people must also know that the range base can also be considered in different types of kitchen equipment such as the undercounter-refrigerator or kitchen cupboards and storages.  There are various perceptions about the standard definition of a rangetop and a range base and which are a common miss-interpretation in the industry.

The areas that heat up in the cooking equipments on a specific range are called burners. The main function of the burner is for heating up some of cookware products and there are various shape of burners, they can be flat in order to absorb the flame from its core and it has closed or raised surface.


Some of Our Rangetop Products

For practicality, at Rotaryana we have simplified the variants of our modular cooking equipment and all they are made from the finest cooking equipment materials. Here are some examples of the modular cooking equipment:

  • Electrolux Burner gas top #371000
  • Electrolux Burner gas with gas oven #371005
  • Electrolux Gas Fry top smooth + ribbed plate #371041
  • Electrolux Gas Fry top smooth + chrome plate  #371038

Commercial Laundry Equipment from Rotaryana

At Rotaryana we present the highest in quality commercial laundry equipment. It has been our main goals for our clients to have a succesful business in when using our equipment.  Our clients are amongst the most credible hotels with fine reputations. We have a responsibility to keep and maintain their equipment condition in order for them to stay on top of their business.

Overview of Commercial Laundry Equipment

We always seek for possible opportunities for our customers,  here are some of the positive overviews from our commercial laundry equipment :

  • Laundromat business becomes one of popular options for the for start-ups
  • A good quality commercial laundry equipment is an important facts for the Laundromat investors to run their Laundromat businesses

Here are our commercial laundry equipment:

  • Milnor
  • ADC
  • Sankosha
  • Ghidini

We want to present our extra credits from our overviews about the commercial cooking and laundry equipment to everyone. We provide equipment for long term investment, from only selected brands from the market for the benefit for all of our customers.