As one of the largest suppliers of commercial cookware in Indonesia for more than three decades, Rotaryana has always put our clients’ needs as a top priority in developing their business. We believe that the company’s success is based on the extent to which the company supports clients in creating and developing businesses in order to compete in local and national markets. We always try to provide the best products according to the kitchen needs of each client to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of time, energy and costs in running a business in the food and beverage sector.

The existence of conventional cooking utensils such as stoves, ovens and steamers is a must-have in a commercial kitchen. Technology that continues to develop along with the times has also brought the development of commercial kitchen equipment to be more concise, modern, and change the way of cooking to be more practical and efficient. This helps entrepreneurs in the food and beverage sector to produce maximum food and beverages in a relatively short time, does not require a lot of energy, and reduces production costs.

Combination ovens or better known as Combi Ovens are a touch of technology that can already be enjoyed in commercial kitchens such as restaurants and hotels. Combi ovens actually have the same function, namely to cook foods such as bread and cakes at high temperatures, the difference lies in the addition of several functions in an oven. Combi ovens use three cooking methods in one appliance: convection, steam, and a combination of steam and convection. Combi ovens provide more efficient cooking features and provide ease of use.

Three Modes of Cooking: Steam, Convection, Combination

A commercial combi oven has three cooking modes to complete various types of food by using different functions in the cooking process according to the needs of the user.

Steam Mode: The steaming mode in a combi oven uses steam to create moist heat that keeps the product juicy during the cooking process. This mode is ideal for steaming and boiling vegetables, rice and seafood so they have the perfect texture.

Convection Mode: circulates hot dry air throughout the oven cavity, just as in a convection oven, creating dry heat that browns food and removes moisture in the cooking process. This mode is a great choice for baking foods such as meat, bread, pastries and french fries.

Combination Mode: This mode combines hot air and steam to cook food without removing moisture from the food. This mode allows users to adjust the level of humidity, aroma, color, and texture of the food they want to produce.

Combi oven allows you to produce food to its full potential, foods such as meat and vegetables can be cooked gently but also have the right texture and brown color using the features in the combi oven.

The Benefits of Using a Combi Oven

The combi oven is a big investment and a game changer that can improve the quality of commercial kitchens in developing a business in the food and beverage sector. This highly sophisticated commercial kitchen equipment is a smart investment for the following reasons:

Cook More with One Combi Oven: The Combi Oven can bake, boil, steam, smoke, reheat and fry food using the same appliance. You can save space by substituting several commercial cookware for cooking with the above method with just one appliance.

Easy of Use: The Combi Oven provides various features that can make it easier for users to use this commercial kitchen appliance to cook just by pressing a pre-programmed button. Users only need to put the ingredients in the oven, press a button, the oven will do the rest, and the food is ready to be served.

Precise Humidity & Temperature Control: Combi Oven can set the right temperature, time, and humidity as desired to get maximum cooking results.

Complete a variety of cooking methods: A commercial combi oven has three cooking modes making it ideal for a variety of cooking techniques. There are many cooking methods that can be done using this tool, users can bake, grill, roast, steam, stewing, braising, boiling, poraching, broiling and rewarming.

Programmable Menus: The Combi Oven allows you to manually add new menus according to your recipe using steam and convection settings that allow you to cook the next menu with just the press of a few buttons.

Improved Food Processing Yield: Food cooked using the Combi Oven will be of higher quality, the taste and nutrients present in the food can be maintained in the cooking process using this appliance. In addition, food cooked using a combi oven will produce consistent dishes.

Time and Labor Savings: Combi Oven offers another advantage that businesses can use to their advantage which is the automated cleaning process of commercial kitchen equipment that is perfect for ease of use. The Combi Oven helps you reduce uptime to save money on personal protective equipment supplies and employee training.

Combination Oven Considerations

There are several factors that need to be considered before using a combi oven that suits your business needs, Electric or Gas. The difference between the two lies in the price and availability of utilities. The Electric Combi Oven has a high elevation and a cheaper price, while the Gas Combi Oven is 50% more efficient than the Electric Combi Oven and has a direct open burner model that can transfer energy and increase the temperature instantly. The thing to note when using a Gas Combi Oven is that an electrical connection is still required to run the digital display and fan on most gas-fired models.

Our best Combi Oven Equipments

As we already inform above that our Combi Oven equipments are also made from the best materials so we will not disappoint our clients when they use them. Here are few of our Combi Oven equipments such:

  • Electrolux SkyLine Gas Premium 6 GN 1/1
  • Electrolux SkyLine Gas Premium 10 GN 1/1
  • Electrolux SkyLine Electric Premium 6 GN 1/1
  • Electrolux SkyLine Electric Premium 10 GN 1/1

In addition, we would like to share our concerns about the quality control that we have for all our commercial kitchen and laundry equipments. We always have good reputation achievement from our clients because they all have been using our commercial kitchen and laundry equipments for more than three decades. Thus, it always becomes our big responsibilities to pursuit our goals in order to serve all of our clients in a decent way.