To Increase
Hygiene Awareness

Specialities Hygiene & Sanitation.
Laundry, Kitchen, Housekeeping.
Food & Beverage Processing.

Powered with the largest production facility in the region for our industry, we created a new business unit to service food and beverage processing demands for the discerning. Collaboration with Rotaryana means we can deliver extended equipment warranty, expanding our service scope to deliver maintenance and spare parts

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Food Service
Laundry Equipment

Leading importer of international branded professional kitchen & laundry equipment

SPECIALITIES: Importation logistics, Turnkey manufacturing, Project management, Installation, Warranty, After-sales service, Preventive Maintenance Program

Rotaryana Prima Limited was established in 1973, commencing on a modern scale with a positive attitude towards professionalism.

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Food Ingredients
Solutions for food industry

The natural partner for your food
ingredients needs.

Know that we are committed to our promise to deliver food ingredient solutions so you may focus on your business. The diversified nature of our products mean that Tegar is able to provide integrated product packages, supplying our customers with what they need end-to-end

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