Vacfeed 37GP

The VACFEED LOW LINE is a single lane multi-station spreader/feeder designed to accurately present both large and small items to a flatwork ironer. Autovariable Speed Control is included as standard to enable the spreader/feeder to accurately follow variations in ironer speed.

Unique and simple to operate loading clips on each load station together with a patented spread, transfer and lay system allow operators to quickly and efficiently process larger items of linen such as sheets, duvet covers and tablecloths.

The ergonomically positioned load stations can be simply raised to gain access to the main feed conveyor, allowing both small and shaped linen to be manually placed on the suction surface.

Pacing lamps for individual feed stations provide instantaneous visual detection of operator efficiency:
Green = On/Above TargetRed = Below TargetYellow/Amber = Between Target.

NEW! “Rapid Clearance” facility as standard! The latest PLC electronics (see below) provides the platform for the inclusion of this facility, which increases throughput of large flatwork items by automatically decreasing the distance between their leading and trailing edges.

Standard machine width is 3.3m (Alternative widths are available) with either a 3.3 or 3.0m delivery conveyor. 2, 3 or 4 operator feeding stations can be specified and a 2-point reject system is included as standard for operation with a compatible folder.

Evolution MMXV1 Control:
PLC electronics with easy to use Touch Screen Interface, 32.000 colour, High Illumination, Liquid Crystal Display with 99 available programs and simple selection procedure for machine operators.

Remote Machine Monitoring (RMM) facility is included to provide remote access for systems diagnostics and maintenance assistance.

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