FC 110 E

Bakery ovens

The right bakery oven to bake baguettes, breads, pastries, soufflés and also to cook savoury meals …
• Fast temperature rise: 300°C in 10 min.
• Bakery function: ventilated heat + steam production preset in quatity and time. Reversible turbine every
2 minutes and 2-speed-motor:
– full power,
– half power for soufflés, meringues, muffins etc.
• Defrost function through warm air brewing.
• Multifunction oven (FC110 EG) with ventilated infrared salamander (1050°C) for various cooking (gratins, meat,
fish etc.).
Features: thermostat 0-300°C, turbine Ø 210 mm, bell timer 120 min with lock position for non-stop use, 2 inside
lamps, push-on knob for steam production, air cooling system, feet (H: 40 mm). Delivered with no grid.

4 cooking levels and different use tips:
American trays 450 x 660 mm or GN 1/1 or bakery bands (4 racks, 20 baguettes) and also holders for trays or grids GN 1/1.

Power: 6 kW
dimensions: 795 x 755 x 595 mm
Weight: 59 kg
Volts: 380 V

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