A commercial range is a piece of cooking equipment that includes separate areas that cook using gas, electricity, or induction.

A range is the combination of a rangetop and a base. The rangetop is what people think of as a stove. A rangetop can be configured in a variety of different ways to cook food with burner grates, griddles, hot tops, charbroilers, or other accessories. The range base is many times a type of oven but can also be a refrigerator or storage cupboards.

Many times, the term stove and range are used interchangeably. Most manufacturers call stoves “rangetops” and the combination of stoves on top of ovens “ranges.” Someone working in a kitchen environment, or in the repair service industry, may also refer to ranges as stoves.

The individual areas that heat up on a range are called burners. A burner is used to heat up cookware. These burners can be flat, closed surfaces or raised, open-flame surfaces. Burners can heat via gas, electricity, or induction.