Thermo Whip Plus 0,5L

The thermo-insulated allrounder

The thermo-insulated whip for all occasions:

The allrounder for kitchen & catering.

Soups, sauces and espumas remain warm for up to four hours – desserts, creams and whipped cream are fresh and cold even after hours outside the fridge.

Thanks to the perfectly coordinated system made of high-quality materials, there are no limits to your creativity.

  • Small, handy & flexible: also suitable for small kitchens
  • Keeps food warm or cold for up to four hours
  • Easy operation and cleaning: Completely dishwasher safe
  • Many accessories for even more inspiration
  • Made of high quality stainless steel for long life and safety.
  • NSF-certified and developed for professional kitchens

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0,5 L