Bezzera Espresso Machine

The model BZ16 works with pump and solenoid valves for the coffee group. It is available in version with tank and vibrating pump “S”, or with connection to the water supply and volumetric motor pump “R”; it can be installed anywhere. Thanks to the 2-liters boiler with heat exchanger, and the practical heating system of the group, it can prepare cappuccinos, coffees and teas for large communities. Its new electrical and hydraulic system, achieve a thermal stability equal to the machines in the professional segment.

  • Coffee group heating element.
  • Automatic boiler water filling.
  • Automatic stop of heating element in case of lack of water.
  • Body in stainless steel AISI 304 (14301)

Power: 220–240/50-60, 1250 – 1450 Watt
Dimension: 320x450x400mm
Capacities: Tank 4 Liters

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