Trittico 183

  • Patented Ionic System® Control with speed variator to detect the right percentage of frozen water in the mixture in order to obtain the proper gelato/ sorbet consistency and volume.
  • Batch freezer mixer with multiple speeds.
  • Software programmed with multiple recipes.
  • Possibility to work with the Ionic System®: speed variator controlled by a software that ensures maximum overrun for gelato/ sorbet and the accurate speed mixing for pastry products.
  • Possibility to work by setting the time.
  • Possibility to work by setting the extraction temperature.
  • Multiple gelato and pastry recipes.

Hourly production may change according to type of mixture and finished product density.
Also available in 60 Hz.
The weight of the air cooling machines will be estimated before the shipment.
The absorption expressed in kW is an average hourly consumption with a standard mixture like “fiordilatte”

Cooking and heating : pasteurization
Sanitizing by cooling : thermal shock
Freezing while mixing : whisking

Voltage: Vol/Hz/Ph 400/50/3
Power: 4,2Kw
Dimension: 500x790x780mm

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