rotaryana: kitchen & laundry

Laundry identification labels, mending materials,
heat-seal machines and more




Model : Y-150 (one line)
Thermoseal Y150T - Seal
Dim mm WxDXH : 389 x 5565 x 4322
Voltage :  6.3 Amps @ 115V
Net weight :  18.5 Kg

TOM 65

Model : Tag-O-Matic 65
Completely hand operated
is a label-printing unit that prints onto 13 mm Fiberolls. 
The machine is completely hand operated and does not 
require electricity or air. It can print labels up to 6 
characters maximum and the labels are cut after printing. 
The labels are of a buttonhole length and can be attached to 
an item by a staple, pin or Denison. The labels 
are used for drycleaning or wet wash.