Victoria DE

Bezzera Espresso Machine

Victoria coffee machine system meets the request of the Worldwide coffee industry evolution; the multi-boiler system allows to program accurate temperature setting while the brewing profile system allows to program pressure profiles to get the best from single origin and from sophisticated coffee blends from all over the world.

The ultimate production capacity in the right moment: Victoria is equipped with 3 independent boilers system with dedicated On/Off switch: left steam output boiler,  right steam and hot water output boiler, and each brew unit has its own coffee boiler, a special program connect the 2 main steam boilers in order to get a non stop steam generator.

The programming is done through state of the art touch displays, that by a dedicated human interface allows to easily program the machine parameters, using pre-set profiles or giving the maximum customization opportunity.

Using BEZZERA pressure profile patent is possible to brew drip coffee and herbal infusion with dedicated low pressure programs.

The double boiler hydraulic system is drawn by a Volumetric dosage that allows to set pressure profiles from 3 to 11 bar to maximise the coffee extraction experience.

Power: 7300W
Dimension: 120x80x95mm
Capacities: 2 x 0,8 Lt

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