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Manitowoc's New Flake Ice Machines Are Designed to Work With 22” Bins Without Accessory Adaptors

The RF-0300 and RF-0650 modular flake machines have been newly designed to work with 22" bins without adapters. Installation is greatly simplified with this change and there are no additional pieces to keep track of. An "S" will be added to the part number after the "RF" to indicate the new standard sizes. The RFS series will also include numerous service improvements making it easier to install, clean and service the units. These improvements take safety to an even higher level. End users will also see energy improvements and savings which are key to every operator/owner's success.

Manitowoc's flake ice machines provide the best water-to-ice ratio which prevents the ice flakes from clinging to the items they cool and the additional surface area keeps the item colder, longer. Soft, moldable flake ice won't bruise produce or fish, but holds its shape for nesting displayed items. This same moldability makes the ice ideal for cold therapy in healthcare environments. The flake ice machines make a mix of smaller and larger grains for a slower melt.

Manitowoc flake ice machines are extremely reliable. Servicing the machine has been simplified, allowing quick and easy access to key components. A robust dual-bearing design extends the overall life of the equipment.