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green&fresh heavy-duty refrigerators do the trick

Electrolux green&fresh heavy-duty refrigerators automatically defrost when needed thanks to the innovative Frost Watch Control. They are one of the few heavy - duty refrigerators on the market that use the environmentally friendly Cyclopentane gas for insulation. These two factors make a vital difference in terms of sustainability and cost in kitchens where fridges’ are opened very frequently.

Excellent cooling performance
The excellent cooling performance of these refrigerators makes sure that the food stays fresh as bacteria proliferation is avoided. Two factors ensure stable temperature on optimal levels. Firstly, the Frost Watch Control avoids sudden changes in temperature because it optimizes defrosting, which is just done when needed. Secondly, even during heavy use in high temperature environments and when doors are opened very often, the air temperature inside the refrigerators gets back into the safe zone of +3°C in less then 60 seconds after the door closes.

Energy and environmental efficiency
As the defrost cycles are activated automatically and due to the fact that the refrigerators use the environmentally friendly Cyclopentane gas for insulation, they perform better using less energy. In practice, this means that these refrigerators use up to 50% less energy than other models. In addition, they do not damage the ozone layer, thus preventing the greenhouse warming effect.

Smart refrigerating functions
The Electrolux green&fresh give the user the possibility to choose between smart refrigerating options especially created for different categories of food. The food is then preserved in cabinets in ideal temperatures and humidity levels.

Waterproof design
Finally, the frontal and side Electrolux waterproof design (IPX5 Water Protection) makes it easy and safe to clean the refrigerator. There is no risk for the control panel or any other electric component when in contact with water.

Customers with different needs are using green&fresh refrigerators

Smart refrigerating options.

Waterproof design makes it easier and safer to clean the refrigerator.