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Food processor: the best friend for your recipes.

Discover what you can realize with the new K45/55/70 food processors by Electrolux. Chop, mince, grind, mix, puree and blend any preparation required; the ideal machines for the professional chef.

The new 4,5, 5,5 and 7 litre capacities are a complement to any size kitchen:

  • a unique scraper/emulsifier allows you to prepare everything from meats to creams.
  • Easily upgrade to a combined machine with a special kit.
  • Increased flexibility with your choice of 1, 2 or variable speeds.
  • Stainless steel cutter bowl guarantees hygiene and food safety.
  • The unique design of bowl bottom guarantees perfect results when mixing both large or small quantities of food.
  • Special pulse function for an even more precise cutting.
  • Blade can be placed in a special holder for storage when not in use.

Now, available for you, the new recipe book: prepare, cook and amaze your guests with delicious recipes realized with the new Food Processors and the other appliances of the Electrolux Professional range.