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the legacy offers more than a great heritge. Like all Hobart equipment, it's desugned to address critical food industry issues, such as food safety and labor savings. For example, while improving the mix by making sure virtually all the ingredients are used (and not stuck to the side of the bowl),

the patented Bowl Scraper reduces labor and improves food safety. We've made the Bowl Guard easy to remove for cleaning and sanitizing. Stir Speed aids food safety by eliminating product splash-out, which also reduces waste. Here we've called out many of the ways the legacy retutinely confronts the issues.


Hobart mixers set the speed standards for the industry. The Legacy maintains those agitator speeds without missing a beat, so you can preserve your leagcy recipes without changing a thing. However, the hub attachment speeds have been optimized for better meat grinding, cheese shredding and vegetable slicing.


Virtually everything about the legacy mixer makes life easier for the operator. The Single Point Bowl Installation, the Swing-Out Bowl, the Bowl Scraper, the Hobart Quick Release™ Agitators, the Power Bowl Lift button, the rounded corners-they give operators just about every-thing they're looking for, which is good for them. The ergonomic change also increase their productivity, which is even better for you.


  • Programmed consistency. Count-Down Mode remembers the last programmed time for eaceh speed setting, so you get the same mix consistency time after time.
  • Inc Count-Up Mode. The legacy runs until you get the exact consistency you want and stop it manually.
  • Patented soft start technology lets you smoothly shift speeds.
  • The Legacy has created quite a stir-stir speed, that is, eliminating product splash-out.
  • Stir-On-Lift lets the operator (using both hands) run Stir Speed while the bowl is being elevated. It will automatically shift-on-the-fly to the preselected spped.
  • The legacy of Hobartconsistency continuous with familiar Hobart mixing speeds.
  • The Legacy’s Single Point Bowl Installation makes it easy to install and remove the bowl.
  • Steek design with rounded edges makes the Legacy easier to clean.
  • Now you can use shift-on-the-fly and change speeds while the mixer is running.
  • SmartTimer is so simple, yet so much more precise – down to the second.
  • To take the heavy lifting out of mixing. Just press the Oower Bowl Lift button.
  • Simple controls make it easy to operate.
  • The easy-to-clean Spalsh Guard protects the mixer from ingredient and product splash-out.
  • The Bowl Guards is easy to open and remove-without tools-for cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Patented Hobart Quick Release Agitator allow for easy attachment and removal.
  • The Swing-Out Bowl rotateds away from the mixer to let operator add ingredients or take out product, than easy glides back into the spring-loaded Bowl Lock, which secures it automatically.
  • To make the Legacy even easier to work with, we’ve positioned the bowl six inches higher.