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Frymaster’s OCF30ATO Electric Fryer. Part of a complete 
series of Oil Conserving Fryers (OCF) from Frymaster. 
Models available in gas, electric
and with or without Automatic Top Off (ATO).

Serve Great-Tasting Fried Foods with Lower Operational Costs

40% less oil
With no reduction in production capacity or food quality.

10% less energy
Less oil to heat, TMS (Temperature Management System)
that reduces temperature when not in use.

Extended oil life = Better tasting, better-for-you results
40% less oil makes the transfer to more expensive
(but better for you and your customers) trans fat-free
oils cost-neutral.

Automatic oil replenishment
Ensures that a greater ratio of clean to used oil is
maintained raising the quality of oil overall,
resulting in consistent great-tasting food.

Optimal frystation management
Easy to use, built-in FootPrint PRO® fi ltration system.
3000 controller tracks fi ltration cycles and auto-prompts
operators to ensure an optimum fi ltration schedule. It also
monitors operator use and equipment performance.

Easier to maintain and repair
Thoughtful construction and design enables pot
replacement in the fi eld. In a battery, production
from other pots remains unaff ected should a
problem with one occur.

Frymaster has a world-leading reputation as the fi rst name in fryers for reliability, consistency, effi ciency and performance. Our solid, long-lasting relationships with the world’s leading chains are a result of service and support that is second to none. Along with 75 years of thoughtful innovation and design leading to easier-to-use fryers that deliver a higher-level of performance and results.