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Cooking class with 2 Michelin Stars…

Summer is over, but not the Electrolux Professional’s cooking seminars, committed to the catering industry’s professionals. The next appointment features Chef Corrado Fasolato: 2 Michelin Stars in the heart of Venice and a kitchen fully powered with Electrolux appliances. Among them, the new air-o-steam Touchline oven …

October 5th: new appointment with the series of seminars entitled “The secrets of Master Chefs: art and science” - a full calendar of specific sessions which involve big chefs and leading experts in the Italian and international catering sector, ready to offer their experience to guests at the training kitchens of the Innovation Center, in Vallenoncello (Italy).

The ‘autumn’ sessions will be opened by an exceptional name, the one of Corrado Fasolato, Executive Chef of the Met Restaurant, flagship of the Metropole Hotel in Venice, one of the most welcoming and elegant hotels in the city, a 5-star jewel only a few steps from St Mark’s Square, offering its guests an unforgettable view over the lagoon, and the feeling of being in a magic place … Corrado Fasolato led us to his kitchen fully powered with Electrolux Professional appliances, a world full of activities and ‘familiar’ aromas …

Just here, in his kitchen, Fasolato – considered by the experts as one of the best chefs in Italy – joins all the innovation and sustainability of the Electrolux Professional solutions with his highly creative, experimental and alternative cuisine, known as ‘Fusion’, an unusual, perfect combination of near and distant lands, past and present, tradition and vanguard. Set as symbols of this state-of-the-art technology, among the protagonists at the Met Restaurant, we find the new air-o-steam Touchline - newborn and pride of the Professional’s combi ovens range - the Thermaline modular cooking – which contains all the excellence and uniqueness that defines the Swiss Made (the block is provided with the patented cooking plates " Ecotop", which guarantee high performances, up to 60% of energy saving if compared with the traditional plates, but also a more comfortable and safer working environment), and the air-o-chill blast-chiller.

The presence at the Met of some of its most innovative and greenest solutions, is a reason for pride for Electrolux Professional, as well as the possibility to include Corrado Fasolato - 2 Michelin Stars (the Met is the only restaurant in Venice with such a title), ‘3 Forchette’ (top score) by Gambero Rosso and exceptional maestros such as Gualtiero Marchesi, Ferran Adrià and André Jagger – among the protagonists of a calendar of unique seminars, real opportunities for the experiences of international Master Chefs, the requirements of the catering business and the best of Electrolux Professional technology to come together. Let’s see how Corrado Fasolato comments the last one.

1) How did the Electrolux Professional appliances improve the kitchen organization? The planning in the kitchen is a fundamental aspect at the Met. With the Electrolux technology this is not only possible, but, finally and above all, also easy. For example, every evening we set the oven for the day after, using the most disparate cooking modes: from Low Cooking Temperature, to steam cooking and baking. This programming is possible only if the ‘kitchen brigade’ can make use of a flexible, quick and reliable oven.

2) Which are in your opinion, the benefits brought by the air-o-steam Touchline? In a kitchen like mine, the oven undergoes continuous changes of settings: the consequence is an inevitable time dilation. With air-o-steam Touchline this is avoidable: all the functions can be set up easily, with a simple touch, and the oven is able to reach quickly the required temperatures. Speed and simplicity, but never to the detriment of the cooking results, that are always optimal, thanks to the 6-sensors probe, which ensures exact core temperature measurement, thus guaranteeing food safety and high precision, with optimum results in terms of quality of cooking and reduced weight loss.

3) Apart from the air-o-steam Touchline, which appliance among the ones installed at the Met could be defined in your opinion as the ‘queen of the kitchen’ that you can’t give up? Why? The cooking plates with patented ‘Ecotop’ special coating: they are reliable and versatile solutions, that guarantee high cooking performances, allowing us to save energy, thanks to their extraordinary efficiency.

4) How important are the green technologies like the cooking plates with patented ‘Ecotop’ special coating, in order to ensure a safer and more comfortable working environment, and to save energy? They are very important. In a more comfortable working environment - thanks to the reduced heat dispersion – my colleagues can express themselves much more and better, and the working day becomes less hard. Furthermore, the savings on the electricity bill ensured by the choice of efficient appliances can really make the difference in a kitchen like that of the Met Restaurant.

5) Which are the values that play along with your job in the kitchen? Professionality, seriousness and humility. These are, in my opinion, the best values to follow.

Corrado Fasolato, Executive Chef of the Met Restaurant