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The ONLY dedicated cleaning exhibition in the region

Being the largest economy in Southeast Asia and fourth populous country in the world with economic growth projected to reach 6.4%* in 2013, Indonesia is now an important market for the world to tap into. Along with this rapid growth, business opportunities are emerging, including for this particular sector of cleaning. High pollution index, demand for better hygiene and greater awareness of importance of healthy lifestyle lead to the spring of cleaning needs.

Presenting: EXPO CLEAN, a professional trade show focusing on the latest showcases for the cleaning industry, featuring a wide range of products from commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, public and municipal cleaning to personal and home care kind of cleaning.

It is dedicated, market-driven and timely to meet the market demands. EXPO CLEAN aims to serve this rapidly growing industry, providing and opening channels for their vendors and in-house facilities to offer better and more efficient services. With a comprehensive showcase of exhibits, products, technologies and services, EXPO CLEAN will be the business avenue for the industry to exchange information and opportunities. 

*Source the World Bank